31 rue Bautin - 67000 Strasbourg

Opening Hours : Lundi / Mardi / Jeudi / Vendredi 9h-12h puis 14h-18h30 et Mercredi 9h-12h
  Contact : 03 88 60 40 14

ENGLISH Speaking dentist in Strasbourg

We speak English !

Dr Jean-François DARNAUDET’s dental office is located in Strasbourg, in the quartier des XV, 31 rue Bautain.




If you would like to make an appointment please phone the practice  ( 03 88 60 40 14 ) or email us at dr.darnaudet@gmail.com.
Our dental surgery is equipped to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Effective infection control is essential for the safety of patients.
Our philosophy is to do everything possible to maintain natural teeth using eg periodontal treatments such as laser and periodontal regeneration. However, we can also, when necessary, replace lost teeth by prostheses such as dental implants that restore the aesthetics and function. The dental office is equipped with technologies such as computer-guided implant planning that allow the use of anatomical 3D reconstructions from a scanner.